Joey Bosa Doesn’t Know If His Appearance As A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Extra Actually Made It On TV

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Joey Bosa is getting set for his fourth season with the Chargers, emerging as one of the NFL’s best pass rushers in his first three years in the league.

The L.A. defensive end missed just over half of last season, appearing in the final seven games of the regular season for the Chargers and their two playoff games. This year, he and the Chargers will hope to build on last year’s trip to the Divisional Round of the playoffs with another appearance an a deeper run.

Off the field, Bosa is seeing his star grow as well and he joined Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers as NFL stars to make an appearance as an extra on Game of Thrones this season — or, at least, he thinks he did. Bosa went to Belfast to shoot a scene for the final season of the show, but because he was set to be in Episode 2, “The Battle of Winterfell,” he’s not sure he ever made it on the screen or if he was looking at someone else, as he told the Los Angeles Times.

“I still don’t 100% know if it was me or not,” Bosa explained. “I’m going to go with it. Of course, Aaron Rodgers gets a whole five seconds of him getting blown up.”

“Maybe if it just timed up differently,” he said, “not with the darkest episode ever made in TV history, you could have seen me a little better.”

Rodgers was featured in the penultimate episode as an archer during a daytime battle, which meant he could be easily identified. In “The Battle of Winterfell,” an episode many complained about for being too dark, finding an extra would be very difficult given the lighting and also the general chaos of the episode. Still, Bosa can claim his appearance and no one can really refute it because it’d be even more difficult to prove it wasn’t him than proving it was.

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