The Cardinals Traded Into The Top 10 To Draft UCLA’s Josh Rosen

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The Arizona Cardinals were the second team to trade up to take a quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft. Arizona traded up into the 10th overall pick, swapping selections with the Oakland Raiders to take UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen on Thursday night.

Rosen was the last of the so-called big four quarterbacks in the draft, as NFL teams seem intent on making a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback into a wide receiver in Louisville’s Lamar Jackson.

The stupid idiot Buffalo Bills, meanwhile, traded up earlier Thursday night to take beefy-armed gunslinger Josh Allen, leaving Rosen for the taking by another quarterback-hungry franchise. With the Miami Dolphins looming at No. 11 and potentially looking to move on from Ryan Tannehill as he enters his sixth consecutive breakout year, the Cardinals pounced on the chance to take Rosen at 10.

Former Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians claimed earlier in the year that Rosen would be an ideal fit for the Cardinals roster, and apparently the team thought the same thing.

There are concerns that Rosen isn’t durable because he has suffered a pair of concussions in his college career along with a shoulder injury. Some say he’s too smart for his own good, or that he isn’t bound to football financially and therefore might not be committed to the game.

But in a draft where someone overcame racist tweets surfacing on draft day to get another football team to move up and draft him because he can potentially throw harder in an outdoor stadium, swapping a third- and a fifth-round pick to move up five spots and take a quarterback full of potential may go down as the smartest move of the first round.