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Like many NFL teams right now, the Texans are in the process of auditioning for new cheerleaders.  And in a savvy marketing move, they invited all sorts of people to be guest judges for the first two rounds of elimination, from corporate sponsors to lowly, lowly bloggers.

The conditions of my parole and a particularly thorough restraining order kept me from attending, but FanHaus's Stephanie Stradley (AKA Texans Chick) has a thorough report from the crowded judges' tables.

It is weird being hyper-critical of people [says her -Ed.] doing things that you couldn't fathom doing. But that is the way judging works, so after a while, you just start seeing people as "silver boot girl" or "blond girl on the end." And the standards of "hot" get picky when you are looking at so many people wearing so little clothes. You can't hide anything.

The second round was a little harder to judge. Strangely, some of the prettiest contestants couldn't dance a lick, and some of the best dancers didn't look like they would be quite right. And then you saw a few you thought might make the squad. I expected to see more blonds, given that this is Texas, but there were fewer than you would expect.

Yeaaaahhhh, I can explain that.  A couple of With Leather readers spent spring break in Texas, so you can probably find those blonde girls on the state's "Missing Persons" list.  Sorry 'bout that.

[Gazillions of pictures at Texans Bullpen HERE and HERE

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