Ken Griffey Jr. Had The Swaggiest Hall Of Fame Induction Ever

You’ve always known that Ken Griffey Jr. was cooler than you. The truth is, he would have been the coolest person even if he wasn’t an amazing baseball player. You might have forgotten it since he announced his retirement in 2010, but he was back in the limelight this weekend for his Hall of Fame induction ceremony and daaaaaamn did he pull out all the stops with the iconic backwards baseball cap.

What a boss move. Somehow, The Kid has made pinstripes look cooler than even he would have ever looked playing for the Yankees. If you look closely at his gold tie, you can see a silhouette of his trademark swing, too, because he’s the coolest person ever.

It wasn’t solely Griffey that was looking good this weekend, either, as Nike sent out some special cleats to its players that honored the Kid. Unsurprisingly, those also looked amazing.

Mike Piazza was also inducted this weekend, and of course was a great player and ambassador for the game of baseball in his own right. But for a lot of kids in the 90’s, Ken Griffey Jr. was the embodiment of cool. I can’t speak for all of them, but personally, it really takes me back to see him slip that cap on backwards one more time. Way to go, Junior.