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Anucha Browne Sanders, a former New York Knicks executive who is suing Isiah Thomas for sexual harassment, has made a very interesting allegation:

In the papers, which were unsealed Friday, Browne Sanders alleges cheerleader Petra Pope told her Thomas encouraged Pope to flirt with officials before a game against the Nets in 2004, the Daily News reported.  "What she told me was that Isiah asked her to go into the referees' locker room and make them happy," Browne Sanders testified.

I believe Miss Pope may have misunderstood Isiah.  From what I know about strippers cheerleaders and NBA referees, one must do a lot more than flirt to make them happy.  The fine men and women in pinstripes who patrol the hardwood are deaf to any sort of verbal coercion whether it be a whiny "That was not a charge!" or a breathy "All that running has given you a fine ass, Mr. Hollins."  To make your message clear that you want your squad to receive some preferential treatment, only physical contact will suffice.  I'm thinking of a deep-tissue massage followed with a "happy sunshine" ending.  

Anyway, it appears that young Petra Pope went into the wrong locker room because she became an executive for the New Jersey Nets.  Brown Sanders went on to make more allegations, such as:

Sanders also claimed a member of her staff admitted to consensual drunken sex with [Stephon] Marbury after a night at a "gentlemen's club" and said "she did not believe she could say no because of who Marbury is."

Yeah, I wouldn't go bragging about that either.  I mean it's Stephon Marbury, that's just embarrassing. -KD

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