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The worm continues to turn in the pantheon of competitive eating. Takeru Kobayashi, after losing the Independence Day hot dog eating contest, came back with a vengance in the Krystal Square-Off this weekend, downing 93 of those little hamburgers in eight minutes, vanquishing rival Joey Chestnut, who ate 81.

Kobayashi’s victory over Chestnut today before a live televised audience and a crowd of more than 10,000 puts him back on top of the sport he brought into the American mainstream more than eight years ago, only to see his star fall the past three years following several high-profile losses, including a loss to Chestnut at last year’s championship in Chattanooga.

“We knew today’s Krystal Square Off championship was going to be a battle for the ages with Kobayashi hoping to reclaim his glory and Chestnut defending his two-year reign as champ, and both eaters did not disappoint,” said Brad Wahl, vice president of marketing, The Krystal Company. “Kobayashi’s commanding win over Chestnut proved once again why he is the sport’s biggest star.” via.

Tokyo’s biggest belly has won the event four times in the last six years. And now that he’s leaving town, the female patrons of the Chattanooga transit system can rest a little easier. It’s funny because Tokyo is full of perverts. And really smart people that bring America 80% of its high-end electronics. But mostly perverts.

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