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Texas Tech coach Mike Leach really needs to learn how to form an opinion. Somebody asked him about his prize quarterback’s chances of winning the favor of NFL coaches, despite the fact that Graham Harrell worked almost exclusively from the shotgun while playing for Tech. Leach was asked about whether NFL coaches, who would want a QB to be proficient under center, would have concerns with developing Harrell to do so.

“You bring up easily the most pitiful NFL cop-out of all,” Leach said in a telephone interview.

“And you can send that message to the whole NFL. Any coach who has ever said or uttered those words or considers that a concern, here’s my message for them: How could you possibly look yourself in the mirror and consider yourself an NFL coach and not be able to teach a guy to run back three steps, five steps and seven steps? I can teach a child that!

“Any coach in the NFL who can’t do that ought to be fired!”

“I can do that,” Leach said of teaching a quarterback to drop back. “I only need a three-hour window. I’ll have a great clinic for all the NFL coaches who are so horrible that they can’t teach a guy to take a snap under center and go backwards.”

I don’t know why, but every time I see Mike Leach, I envision a delicious plate of ribs being brought to me. It’s like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. I see him, then I see ribs, then I see him again. I wonder if the Texas Tech administration felt the same way. It would certainly explain why Texas choked last fall.

|Dallas Morning News|

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