Panthers Star Luke Kuechly Gave This Fan The Birthday Surprise Of Her Life

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The Carolina Panthers are 12-0 on the field, but they are also making a case for best team off the field, as well.

Whether it is donating money to the victims of the South Carolina shooting, having a dance-off with a little boy with cancer, or Cam Newton making a kids day every time he scores a touchdown, one could argue that the Panthers have been just as impressive within the community as they have been winning football games.

Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly continued that trend last week when he accompanied Panthers fan Jessica Hayes (who has cerebral palsy, autism, and is half blind) as her date to Hayes’ 21st birthday party.

When asked what she wanted for her birthday, Hayes told her parents that it was to meet Kuechly and give him a hug, and Kuechly was happy to oblige, as he brought her flowers and took her in a limo to the spot her party was taking place, via The Charlotte Observer:

Mom put Jessica in the limo, while Luke put her wheelchair in back. They drove back uptown and Luke wheeled her into the party.

After giving her a tour of the party, she showed Luke her favorite dance move: the whip and nae nae.

Kuechly signed Jessica’s new Panthers jersey, talked with every one of her friends and took photos. He even led the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday.”

It’s impossible for people to still hate the Panthers at this point, right?