Remembering ‘Madden’ Monster Michael Vick, The Most Powerful Video Game Character In History

Entertainment Editor
02.04.17 8 Comments

Michael Vick officially retired on Friday, and while his on the field/off the field legacies are difficult to separate, his virtual avatar will remain flawless for eternity.

Madden 2004’s Michael Vick was like a combination of Goldeneye’s Oddjob and Tecmo Bowl’s Bo Jackson. He wasn’t fair. It was like EA Sports created a god just so they could experience what it felt like to manifest utter perfection. He was impossibly fast — like his legs were cheat codes. He could make 11 men miss with a single juke. There’s a good chance he was put in the game to troll people.

Madden 2004‘s Michael Vick was the most overpowering video game character in history. If you played him, you know the legends are true.

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