‘Madden’s’ Annual Super Bowl Prediction Might Break Some Hearts

Entertainment Editor

Madden‘s annual Super Bowl prediction is an institution of precognition. Since 2004, Madden has correctly predicted 10 out of the last 14 Super Bowls, and with a mind-blowing ability to predict the future, they foresaw the Patriots marching back in the 4th quarter to beat the Falcons last year. 28-3. Remember?

On top of that, Madden correctly predicted the final score of Super Bowl XLIX between the Patriots and Seahawks and Julian Edelman’s game-winning touchdown. In other words, Madden is a solid indicator of Super Bowl outcomes. That’s what might break the hearts of Eagles fans.

Yes, the Patriots win again. According to Madden, New England will defeat Philadelphia 24 – 20 on the back of yet another Tom Brady comeback.

Here’s the breakdown from the EA:

In addition to taking home another championship ring, Tom Brady also earned an unprecedented fifth MVP award on the strength of 342 passing yards, three touchdowns and one interception. His Philadelphia counterpart, Nick Foles, threw for 241 yards and one touchdown. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski led all receivers with 107 yards on four receptions, with a touchdown. The only thing not working for the Patriots was the running game, with leading rusher Dion Lewis being held to 41 yards and a fumble.

No Eagles receiver topped 100 yards for the game, though Alshon Jeffery came close with 98 yards and a touchdown on six receptions. Jay Ajayi led all rushers with 73 yards and a touchdown.

Sorry, Eagles fans. There will be no pole climbing on Super Bowl Sunday for you.

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