‘Tecmo Bowl’ Has A Wild And Dramatic Simulation Of The Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl

01.24.18 1 year ago 4 Comments

The Super Bowl is on the horizon, which means its time for video game simulations to inform the opinions of millions of NFL fans. Madden‘s annual, high-tech Super Bowl sim is dropping next week, so now we have a classic, 8-bit TecmoBowl simulation of the Eagles-Patriots game. It’s actually a hell of a tilt. Here’s what happens.

Jay Ajayi has himself a possible MVP day, rushing for a touchdown early. For the most part, the first half is full of running plays with not much happening which means it’s a classic Bill Belichick Needs to Adjust at Halftime game. Here’s what the stats looked like at the half. It seems like a slow day. Commercial-heavy, even.


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