Magic Johnson Hyped Up The Super Bowl By Telling The Story Of Boston Vs. Los Angeles


The NFL season will wrap up on Sunday evening, as the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots will square off in Super Bowl LIII. There are about a billion interesting subplots for the game — it’s the Super Bowl, so by nature, that’s the case — but for the first time, the cities of Los Angeles and Boston will square off with the Lombardi Trophy on the line.

The two towns have quite the athletic rivalry, one that spans decade and has occurred in a number of sports. To get fans ready for the latest chapter in said rivalry, CBS, which is broadcasting the game this year, enlisted the help of someone who knows what this means to both cities as well as anyone: Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

“To tell a great story, you need a great rivalry,” Johnson says. “You need a showdown. And Los Angeles vs. Boston is as good as it gets.”

The Hall of Fame inductee and guy who has been extremely busy this past week then broke it all down in three acts — the Lakers-Celtics rivalry from the ’80s, this past year’s World Series between the Red Sox and Dodgers, and Sunday night. They’re all parts of one of the best city vs. city rivalries in all of sports, with the latest chapter getting written on Sunday.

While the Rams and Patriots don’t have any apparent bad blood, the history on the two cities is real. Perhaps once this is all over, we can start counting down the days before the Kings and Bruins face off with the Stanley Cup on the line.