You Need To Read These Stories About Marshawn Lynch From His Former Seattle Teammates

10.25.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

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Playing on the same team as Marshawn Lynch seemed like it was a ton of fun. On the field, you got to watch one of the most entertaining running backs of the last decade, as Lynch would be capable of moments of brute force the likes of which no other running back on earth could replicate.

But off the field, Lynch seemed like a legitimately fantastic person. He was capable of being hilarious just as easily as he could speak from his heart on an important issue. Just watch his episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls for proof of all of this.

While Lynch is gone, his presence still looms large around the Seahawks organization. The Seattle Times caught up with a few guys on Seattle’s roster and asked for their favorite Marshawn stories. Here’s one from Doug Baldwin…

My first week here, we were outside on the field, and I was talking to Justin Forsett. I kind of knew Justin a little bit, so we were talking about Stanford. He brings Marshawn over and goes, ‘He’s a Stanford kid.’ And Marshawn goes, ‘Maaaaan, (expletive) Stanford.’ And that was my introduction to Marshawn. He wasn’t trying to be negative or anything. He was trying to set the tone.

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