Marshawn Lynch Continues To Do Retirement Right By Becoming Willy Wonka On ‘Conan’

Marshawn Lynch is retired from the NFL. He may come back, but he probably won’t. In the meantime, Beast Mode is enjoying the heck out of life as a 30-year-old retiree with money in his pocket. He’s appearing on TV shows, doing commercials, signing autographs, and generally having a great time.

Lynch’s latest “I’m retired and life is grand” moment came during a cameo on Conan. He appeared on the show to promote his new line of chocolate bars that launches on Friday – yes, of course Marshawn is getting into the sweets game now that he has time to kill – and pulled off two Willy Wonka impressions. The first came when he told everyone in attendance that someone had a chocolate bar with a golden ticket under their seat, and if they had it, they would win a trip to Seattle for a tour of the chocolate factory with Lynch himself.

Then Marshawn and Conan O’Brien both went full Willy Wonka by putting on top hats and smiling like crazy. Seriously, look at how much fun he’s having:

That is the purest form of joy that you’ll ever see, the kind of joy that comes when you’re a dude in your 30s who is happily retired from the NFL and doing a bunch of other cool things that help people. Oh, on that note, O’Brien said that all Beast Mode Bars sales will include a contribution to Lynch’s Fam 1st Family Foundation, because Marshawn Lynch is a splendid person.

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