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We’re reworking our lead-off post to give you a plate full of sports news goodness every morning. We’re calling it the Morning Meat, and it will set the table for the business that With Leather gives you throughout the day. Like everything else on this site, it’s a work in progress. Img.

Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

Interception Heard ‘Round the World. The Minnesota Vikings beat themselves last night, falling to the Saints in OT 31-28.  After an embarrassing amount of fumbles and turnovers, Favre’s untimely interception put the icing on the cake.  Congrats to NFC Champions New Orleans Saints, and good luck in the Katrina Bowl Super Bowl.

Yeehaw. The Colts Trample Their Way to the MIA. Proving worthy of his 4th MVP award, Peyton Manning led his Colts through a rocky start to the AFC Championship.  Rookie QB Mark Sanchez played well, but clearly took the wrong page out of the Brett Favre Playbook, because his final play was an INT (though it didn’t matter really anyway). The Colts won, 30-17.

Flyers Are Biters. For some reason when the Pittsburgh Penguins play the Philadelphia Flyers, the Flyers like to bite and the Penguins like to cry about it.  This was allegedly the case when Scott Hartnell bit Kris Letang back in October; and allegedly the case yesterday when Matt Cooke bit Arron Asham.  Maybe they should stop complaining, because they could be playing rugby and get a finger in the ass.

If They Can Do It, We Can Too. Yesterday was a big day for championships, including the PBA 45th Tournament of Champions.  Kelly Kulick is the first woman ever to win on the men’s tour.  Quick! Someone run gender verification tests!

Will He Stay, or Will He Go? OF COURSE the instant the NFC title slipped away from the Vikings, the questions started swirling about whether or not Favre will retire.  Not wanting to make a snap decision following a tough loss, he says he wants to mull it over for a while.  However, if we know anything about Favre it’s that his story will change day-to-day. I wouldn’t worry about it until August.

Sunny-side up scores containing at least one 0

NFL Jets 17, Colts 30

NBA Lakers 105, Raptors 106

NHL Stars 0, Avalanche 4

NCAAB Cincinnati 60, Louisville 68

No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • Ever wonder what Screech looked like pre-Bayside? It’s not much different, but equally great. Warming Glow.
  • Winter’s Bone: a movie about hillbillies, meth labs, and love. What could be better? Film Drunk.
  • Some Canadians, the US Marine Corps and the Office of the Secretary of Defense built a High-Power Electromagnetic System (HPEMS), which is like an anagram for hemp but it’s a cannon that will F you up way harder. Gamma Squad.
  • The Four Horsemen say Darkseid is really tall. He’s taller-than-Shaq-tall.  I wonder if he’d be better at free throws? Comics Alliance.
  • Top 10 College Football Rivalries.  Minnesota vs. Wisconsin isn’t on there.  But maybe that’s on the “Life Rivalries” list.  Bleacher Report.
  • Take this quiz about pro sports team names ending in “-ers”.  Oddly enough none of them are from Minnesota and start with “fu-“.  Sporcle.

Tips? Okay, but that’s it.  Anything more and I’ll have to turn you in to HR:

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