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As you may have seen by now, Miami Sports Blog has reported that the University of Miami is trying to liven up the student section at its home basketball games this winter:

“UM will add a hot tub, a sandbox and lifeguard tower in the student seating section. Students will be asked to wear beach attire.”

And you chose a college north of the Mason-Dixon Line why? 

On a somber note, however, I'm sad to report that there's a disturbing dearth of scantily clad Hurricane coeds on the Internet.  Believe me, I looked and masturbated and looked some more.  Google had nothing.  Flickr had nothing.  ACC Poon doesn't have a single Miami entry.  I've even got an ex-girlfriend who's a big Canes fan, but does she have photos of her in orange and green hot pants on her MySpace page?  Of course not. 

So please, if you readers can do better, by all means, send in photos.  Hot girls.  Canes gear.  I'd hate for a photo on With Leather to not be relevant to the subject matter.  I mean, this photo here is of a young woman at Arizona State.  It totally ruins my credibility as a news outlet.

SEXY UPDATE: Internet wizard and handsome prince Steven gets a gold star for his submissions below. 

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