Michael Irvin Felt The Holy Spirit Thanks To A Terrific Jalen Hurts Quote About Thermometers

The best team in the NFL through the first three weeks of the season very well might be the Philadelphia Eagles. The team came into the 2022 campaign with hopes of competing in the NFC and has positioned themselves to be considered the favorites, as the team has gone 3-0 with wins over Detroit, Minnesota, and Washington, the latter two coming in ultra-convincing fashion.

At the center of it all is signal caller Jalen Hurts, who is firmly in the NFL MVP conversation at this early juncture. Hurts has managed to take a step forward as a passer this season and continues to be a dangerous runner, and as a result, there are hopes that the Eagles can go places they have not gone since they lifted the Lombardi Trophy in 2018.

There have been questions dating back to Hurts’ college days, both at Alabama and Oklahoma, about his ability to consistently win games with his arm. What has never been in doubt is his ability to lead and keep a calm, focused demeanor when it’s time to play. This was put in the spotlight recently when Michael Irvin learned of a quote Hurts gave to his teammates, which caused The Playmaker to lose his mind.

It is, admittedly, a very good quote, one that is even better because of Irvin’s reaction. He normally saves getting this fired up for when he and Stephen A. Smith are going at it over the Dallas Cowboys, so we must tip our caps to for getting this excited over someone else in the NFC East.