The Tables Are Turned As Michael Phelps And Katie Ledecky Recreate A Now Iconic Photo

The Rio Olympics have been Katie Ledecky’s official coming out party as a force in the pool. She took home a gold medal in London, but in Rio she’s been racking up the golds and absolutely blowing other racers away. Before London, though, Ledecky was just another aspiring young swimmer hoping to someday accomplish the same feats as her idols and grow up to be one of the best competitors in the world. One of those idols was of course Michael Phelps, and she was lucky enough to meet her hero and get a poster signed as a young girl. In an amazing twist of fate, the torch is now being passed from the elder swimmer to the younger one and there is a new photo to commemorate the occasion.

The original picture is an amusing relic of a time when Phelps was the famous half of the duo and Ledecky was barely a glint in the swimming world’s eye. Now that the swimming portion of the 2016 Olympics has concluded, Phelps and Ledecky got together to recreate the picture in an adorable way. This time, instead of Phelps being the one signing a poster and Ledecky being the adoring fan, they’ve switched roles. Now, Michael is the one that is really excited about the situation and Katie is the one that can’t possibly smile for one more fan or sign another souvenir. The major difference is that unlike Phelps in the decade-old photo, Ledecky is all out rocking a neck full of gold medals like the champ she is.

(via Mashable)