Mike Tyson Is Getting Into The Legal California Weed Business With His Innovative ‘Tyson Ranch’

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Mike Tyson has done quite a bit of work to change his image in recent years. After the former heavyweight boxing great fell on hard times, spending time in jail after being convicted of rape, he continued his boxing career in earnest, then fell deeply into drugs. After hitting bottom, he got honest with himself and his fans by starting a one-man show that didn’t shy away from his crimes, mistakes, and substance abuse issues (he doesn’t drink anymore). Part of his rehabbed life involved marijuana, something that he used for years in his fighting career. Now he’s taking it to the next level with an enormous 40-acre ranch 60 miles southwest of Death Valley in California that will grow and celebrate the newly legalized plant.

The Blast has the scoop on the details surrounding Tyson Ranch, which seems to be a one-stop shop for all things marijuana. From the cultivation of the plant to an edible factory and amphitheater that can be visited while people stay at the adjoining campground, Tyson Ranch has everything a pothead could enjoy. Yes, Iron Mike, one of the most feared men in combat sports for decades, just wants people to get high and hang out while giving back to the community.

Not only will the ranch be a manufacturing and growing facility, but part of the ranch will be dedicated to innovative research with the latest tech to enhance lives through the use of CBD and marijuana. It’s also been described as an “oasis” of sorts in the desert, where undeveloped land is waiting to be used. It’s another example of the marijuana industry pushing forward the economy and helping those around it lead healthier lifestyles. And for years Tyson has been on record as a pro-marijuana advocate.

He also said that not smoking with Tupac was one of the biggest regrets of his life. Now he’s going to turn that love of weed into a possible fortune for himself, and a major boon to the local economy.

Tyson Holistic, the company behind the ranch, is made up mostly of veterans, says The Blast. A spokesperson said that they hope the ranch will hopefully become a major source of jobs for vets of the armed forces, while California City mayor Jennifer Wood said the ranch was a “rebirth” for the entire city.

We have to wonder how 1990s “Just Say No To Drugs” Tyson feels about this new venture.

(Via The Blast)

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