MLB Sent Rob Lowe A Generic League Logo Hat ‘Within 48 Hours’ Of Him Wearing An NFL Hat

Back in January, Rob Lowe went to the NFC Championship Game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers. He dressed for the occasion by wearing a black hat that had the NFL logo on it, which led to a bunch of people getting a whole lot of jokes off via social media and Lowe making the obvious Chris Traeger joke about the entire thing.

Lowe is a sports fan, and it turns out that another major American league wanted to take out a bit of real estate on top of his head. Lowe appeared on the Talkin’ Baseball podcast alongside his son, Matt, and explained that Major League Baseball used two-day shipping to get him a league hat after the cameo.

“I do!” Lowe said when he was asked about whether he has an MLB hat. “I almost [wore it]. I can go get it. I have an MLB … literally within 48 hours of wearing that hat, the MLB sent me their version of it. I have it in my closet.”

As he mentioned, Lowe was not wearing that hat during his podcast cameo. Instead, he opted to go with a hat that he has worn recently that spoofs the Houston Astros logo by putting an asterisk behind the “H,” in reference to the team’s sign-stealing scandal.

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