Celebrate The Most American Time Of The Year With These Patriotic NFL Logos

(These logos are the work of David Rappoccio. You can find him on Twitter at @drawplaydave.)

It’s summer, and there’s one undeniable truth about this season: It is clearly the most American of all the seasons. There’s Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the season, then the Fourth of July, baseball, cold beers, cookouts, the beach, fireworks for no damn reason, and more cold beers. But this summer is even more American because we just wrapped up both political parties’ national conventions.

So as we clean up the thousands of red, white, and blue balloons that fell from the rafters, and prepare for a few months more of political bickering, let’s take a moment to do something completely frivolous and stupid (as Americans are wont to do) and reimagine NFL logos as AMERICAN STUFF.

(And if you’d like to see a different side of America, you can always revisit our Donald Trump NFL logos.)

SkinsWashington, D.C. Home base for freedom. Named after the greatest man in the history of the universe. Really, with all the name controversy going on with the Washington Football Team, why not fully embrace the man, the myth, the legend?
EaglesSometimes a team is already so full of freedom that you really don’t have to change much.

GiantsSure, I guess there are other cities in the world that are important. But lets face it, the most important is New York. It’s so important that if you live in New York, you get to say “I’m a New Yorker,” but if you don’t live in the city, you have to specify. The city is so important it takes away the credit of everyone else in the state.
CowboysThe greatest captain in comics? America. You don’t see Captain Canada getting major blockbuster releases starring dreamboat Chris Evans.
PackersIn case you didn’t know (in which case you must not be a proud American), Manifest Destiny is the term given in the 19th century referring to our God-given right as Americans to expand our empire of settlements all the way across the continent and touch two oceans. It is our destiny to have beaches where we can watch the sun rise and set over water, with a whole lot of BBQ in between.

VikingsLand of a thousand lakes? Land of a thousand FREEDOMS.
LionsJohn Adams was an extremely important founding father but he tends to get overlooked and only served one term as President. In America, we call one termers “losers,” a name with which the Lions are very familiar.

BearsI’ll be honest, this is my favorite pun team name of this entire project.

BucsAmericana is a broad term that refers to a lot of history and culture of the States but really tends to refer to the ’50s and Route 66 stuff like you see in old Fallout games and the movie Cars. Why did I chose the Bucs for this? Because I’m an American, and I can do what I want. Square pegs will go in round holes if you smack it hard enough.
FalconsBe safe with fireworks, kids. But not too safe. That’s the American way. Besides, do you really need every finger? Toes too. Who needs toes anyway? Blow ’em off, then you can’t stub them on table legs anymore.