The Panthers Made An Awesome Video Game Inspired Video For Their NFL Schedule Reveal

04.17.19 4 months ago


Schedule reveals aren’t the most exciting thing in sports. Yes, they offer fans concrete dates and times for games so they can plan potential trips, but the opponents are known before the schedule itself comes out. The main drama comes from which games get primetime billing.

So that’s why it’s way better to have fun with a schedule reveal as the Carolina Panthers did. They first teased their schedule early Wednesday night with graphics that appeared to be out of a video game and then, when it came time to reveal the schedule, it turned out that it was exactly what they were going for. With a Sega Genesis inspired logo, the Panthers opened their schedule reveal. They followed it up with a retro video game clip for every team they were playing.

This is genius social media usage and a fun and unique way to unveil a schedule. Didn’t catch what all these references meant? No worries. We got you covered.

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