Nick Diaz Was Jumped By Four Guys Outside A Las Vegas Nightclub On Wednesday Morning

It is a universally known fact that neither Nick Diaz nor Nate Diaz have ever backed down from a fight, ever. “Defending one’s honor at all costs, but mostly by slapping a bitch” is the Stockton credo, I believe, and one that has all but forced the Diaz brothers to throw down in post-fight interviews, pre-fight press conferences, UFC events they weren’t fighting at, hotel lobbies, and even hospitals.

So basically, you’ll have to pardon our skepticism over the report that a “very well behaved” Nick Diaz found himself getting jumped by four dudes outside of a Vegas nightclub early Wednesday morning. As TMZ reports:

A rep for the club tells us the UFC fighter went to a bathroom outside the club around 2:30 AM, and accidentally stumbled into another customer … who started talking smack.

We’re told Nick apologized and said he didn’t want any trouble, but 3 other men then joined the first guy and jumped Nick … who tells us, ‘I didn’t start it. They didn’t know who I was.’

He tried to defend himself, and got hit hard in the head — and then the fight spilled out of the bathroom, and out onto the Bellagio’s casino floor.

Apologized? Said he “didn’t want any trouble?” BREAKING: Nick Diaz First Victim of Alien Body-Snatching Invasion

From there, Bellagio’s security were able to break up the fight and escort the four ungentleman-like figures out of the building. According to eyewitness accounts, Diaz refused to press charges against the group and that “they had got the worst of it.” Even crazier?

That spokesperson turned out to be Taylor Fisher of the Hyde Las Vegas, who added “We enjoyed having Nick at Hyde Bellagio last night and never had any problems with him in the club.”

You heard it here first, folks. Nick Diaz has gone soft.

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