O Man, That’s Clever

07.13.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

Do you live in Cleveland, or a surronding part of northeast Ohio? Have you yet to commit suicide because of the departure of LeBron James? Are you willing to shell out $25 for ass wiping material? Then, my friend, you’re in luck as ebay is ready to satisfy all of your feces-related-LeBron-hating-needs with the LeBron James toilet paper roll.

By gawd, the possibilities for capitalizing in wake of ‘The Decision’ seem endless today. That is, if you’re willing to simply castigate the man. Example: the Lebron TP.

Abruptly listed as: This is for all true Cleveland fans that believe in our city!! help us remind Lebron on how much hes worth after leaving us!

Start the bids at $25/ roll. –Steady Burn via –Sports Illustrated

Hopefully wiping your ass with a LeBron jersey will help you feel some sort of closure, Cleveland. But Dan Gilbert says you’ll win a title soon, and he knows what he’s doing, right? He wouldn’t do something stupid like hire Danny Ferry to be your team’s General Manager, or Mike Brown to be its Head Coach, then keep them employed until it was too late to keep the best player in your team’s history on roster. But, don’t cry for too long. Go to your local Mexican restaurant, order all the pinto beans you can eat, then sit back and get ready for some two-ply vengeance. The best vengeance of all.

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