Orioles fans are maybe a little unhappy

09.22.06 12 years ago

Almost 1000 angry fans walked out of the Orioles' game against Detroit, carrying signs of protest about the Orioles' ninth consecutive losing season under the ownership of supreme dickwad Peter Angelos. Said Anegelos:

Whoever joins that protest has no comprehension of what it costs to run a baseball team. When you get down to facts, putting together a team that can compete in the AL East means having a payroll between $100 million-$110 million. That money comes from the consumer, and I have chosen to keep ticket prices to a minimum.

See? He's actually looking out for YOU, you piece of shit ticket-buyers. I guess it's too bad the O's aren't in the AL Central, where low-payroll teams like the Twins and Tigers are going to make the playoffs. Because that division isn't competitive at all, and payroll is the only thing that can determine a winning team.

As for the man who organized protest, the owner of a local radio station and the nephew of former O's Shortstop Luis Aparicio, Angelos had this to say: "He is a very unimportant person who has delusions of grandeur."

Oh. My. God. Why do our favorite baseball robots like Peter Gammons get brain aneurysms but duodenal polyps like this festering piece of sewage get to go on living? I wish it were the '60s. Assassinations were so commonplace back then.

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