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Arguably the greatest piece of child molestation memorabilia is going up for auction in April. Pop sensation Michael Jackson might be feeling the pinch of these trying economic times, as he’s announced that he’ll be selling off various crap from the molestation Mecca known as Neverland Ranch. From Press Association [emphasis added]:

Personal belongings, costumes, furniture and art are among the items going under the hammer at Los Angeles’ Beverly Hilton hotel in April.

A signed oil-painting of Jackson dressed as a king, valued between £2,800 and £4,200 is being offered for sale, alongside a golf cart featuring the singer depicted as Peter Pan, expected to fetch up to £4,200 [almost $6,000].

“Hey. Kid. Wanna head upstairs into my bed? I have candy in there. No? What if we take my golf cart? See, it has a picture of me dressed as Peter Pan. Sure, you can drive. If you take your pants off. Say, kid. You like The Beatles?”

[via Local Knowledge]

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