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Former Canuck, Panther and Ranger Pavel Bure won his lawsuit against British Airways in Moscow district court this week:

The court ruled the airline had violated Bure's consumer rights and awarded the ex-ice hockey player 57,000 roubles in compensation, the cost of an air ticket from Moscow to London, plus 10,000 roubles in moral damages. Bure, 36, had been seeking 20 million roubles . . . [Bure's lawyer Dmitry] Ragulin said he was planning to appeal to seek a greater damages award. "We are disappointed that the court had awarded such small compensation for the moral damages," he said.

57,000 roubles? What's that like $13.50?  Anyway, Ragulin took special exception because Bure (who was denied boarding because he was thought to be a soccer hooligan) was treated as a mere man:

"If the British airline violated the right of such a famous person, known throughout the world as the Russian Rocket, then what about ordinary mortals?"

I suppose he is higher up the caste than most since he "knew" Anna Kournikova.  And who can argue that hockey players aren't gods among men? Hmm . . . any sane person I guess. -KD

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