The Steelers Reenacted The A.J. Green-Jalen Ramsey Fight In A Touchdown Celebration

11.12.17 1 year ago

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One of the biggest stories in the NFL last week was Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green snapping on Jaguars corner Jalen Ramsey, taking him down twice and throwing punches at Ramsey (who was still wearing his helmet).

Ramsey explained that all he did was keep reminding Green that he was trash and his time was up, and giving the Bengals’ star the occasional shove, Eventually, Green lost it after getting pushed to the ground one too many times and went full MMA on Ramsey, who would later have to be escorted out of the stadium after going to try and confront Green in the Bengals locker room.

On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to mock their divisional rival Bengals by reenacting said incident with their end zone celebration. JuJu Smith-Schuster played the role of Ramsey and LeVeon Bell came in like A.J. Green for the takedown.

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