There Was A Mass Exodus Of Redskins Fans From FedEx Field As The Giants Led 34-0 At The Half

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Things have not been going well for the professional football and basketball teams in the nation’s capital of late. The Wizards are off to a rough start to the season, but their poor play has been overshadowed in recent weeks by the play of the Redskins.

Alex Smith’s season ended a few weeks back after a gruesome leg injury that has his future in the league in question as he reportedly deals with an infection. That thrust Colt McCoy into action, who played for two weeks before suffering a broken leg of his own, forcing Mark Sanchez, signed the week after Smith was injured, into the starting lineup.

Sanchez has not fared well, unsurprisingly, and it’s caused frustration in Washington as a team that was once leading the NFC East seems all but resigned to missing the playoffs. There are fans, including Kevin Durant, that are pleading with the team to bring in Colin Kaepernick, because it’d be impossible for him to be worse than Sanchez, but the Redskins insist that’s not part of their plan.

On Sunday, the Washington football season hit a new low point as they hosted the lowly Giants at FedEx Field and proceeded to get stomped in the first half, trailing 34-0 at the break. The already somewhat sparse crowd decided enough is enough and left, en masse, so as not to suffer through two more quarters.

It’s hard to blame them for leaving. Honestly, it’s a bit surprising that many showed up given the way things have been going. Sanchez was a disaster, throwing a pair of interceptions, including a pick-six early, and having just 38 yards passing in the half. With Sanchez as a non-threat, the running game suffered, and the defense provided no resistance to Saquon Barkley on the ground, as he ripped off a few huge runs, including this 78-yard touchdown run.

Eli Manning also had a great half, which is a true indicator of your defense being extremely poor in 2018. Things seem bleak in the nation’s capital right now and with another three games to go, we’ll have to see if there’s further for them to dig.