Report: Denny Green Fired

10.23.06 12 years ago 4 Comments

Actually, I got that headline from a mythical land called Common Senseville. As I write this post, Dennis Green still has his job. Although if you can tell me why then you should probably be getting back to your job at the think tank. Or the cold fusion laboratory.

Yes, Dennis Green and the Cardinals lost to the Raiders 22-9 yesterday. No, I'm not quite sure how it happened, either. That would involve me actually reading the recap from the game, and to be honest I just don't have the time or the inclination.

What does Green have to do to get fired? I thought the meltdown against the Bears would be enough, but apparently not. Does he have tenure or something? I mean, when you can add outcoached by Art Shell to your resume, it's usually time to get your walking papers. Maybe I can help move things along: Dennis Green, I hereby present you the Matt Millen Award for Extraordinary Incompetence. The trophy is a scuplture made of human waste and Will Leitch's tears.

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