Tinder Reveals Which Sport’s Athletes Were The Most Right-Swiped At The Rio Olympics

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The Rio Olympics are over, but still fresh in our minds, thanks in part to Ryan Lochte’s drunken antics-turned-self-destructive-lying-rabbit-hole. It’s the perfect time for a postmortem on the biggest, most international sporting event in the world, which doubles as one of the biggest gatherings of athletic-bodied young people with downtime anywhere on Earth.

That’s right, it’s time to think once again about all the boning that happened at the Olympic Village.

Everyone knows that tons of action happens in the village — even Olympic organizers know, which is saying something — and in this day and age, athletes have moved past awkward language barrier flirts at parties and into the 21st century. In other words, they started using Tinder.

The hookup app has released data from the Olympic village showing which athletes received the most positive responses in the form of right swipes, though their methodology is limited to those who listed their sport in their bio. Still, the sports from which athletes who got the most action may surprise you. To the lists!


  • 1. Table Tennis
  • 2. Field Hockey
  • 3. Rowing
  • 4. Weightlifting
  • 5. Rugby
  • 6. Swimming

Get it, tiny tennis players. Honestly, we’re shocked that swimming isn’t higher on the list. There were tons of them, and swimming wrapped up with a week left in the games — most athletes hang out for a few days after their event ends, so why not get in some swiping?


  • 1. Tennis
  • 2. Weightlifting
  • 3. Gymnastics
  • 4. Sport Shooting
  • 5. Judo

This list proves for us that what sport a man plays has no bearing on his attractiveness to the opposite (or same) sex. If your Tinder game is strong, it doesn’t matter that all you do at the Olympics is shoot a rifle — you’ll still find a match, or ten.

(Via Mashable)