This Olympic Condom Display Is Reminding Athletes That Finishing First Isn’t Always Best

Sex. It’s serious business. And before engaging in it, certain questions must be asked. Are you emotionally prepared? Are you ready for the consequences, good or bad, from the physical act of love? Are you willing to take proper precautions? Safe sex, especially at an international event like the Rio Olympics, is very important.

Then again, who doesn’t like looking at a big ol’ bucket of condoms with a joke about having your orgasm too quickly, huh? Am I right or what, people?

To the joke, which was posted by Australian discus thrower Benn Harradine!

Why not wear silver and come second for a change? Classic condom bowl joke.

We’ve seen some true tragedies at the Olympics, with some athletes suffering serious injuries like broken bones and dislocated elbows. If a condom breaks, however, that is the real tragedy and NBC probably won’t show graphic footage of that happening. At least not live, anyway.

Then again, do we know who manufactured these condoms? Because if they received the approval of the IOC, so did the pools, and it’s one thing if the water turns green, but it’s whole other thing if your … I’m being told this post is now over.