Rob Gronkowski Wants To Give A Shout Out To His Mom For His 69th Touchdown

10.30.16 1 year ago

Rob Gronkowski means something different to everyone. On the surface, many think he’s the worst representation of football. He’s a doofus jock who giggles about the number 69 and flexes his muscles. But the truth is that he’s a lovable goofball who just wants to have a good time while getting his job done at a historical rate on the field. Gronk is good, and Gronk seemed excited about the fact that his mom was future proud about her son scoring his inevitable 69th touchdown.

“The first thing yesterday—we sat down, I saw her—she came to my hotel with everyone. We sat down and she goes, ‘Rob, I’m so proud of you when you score your 69th touchdown.’”

And why wouldn’t she be proud? This has been a big moment for the Gronk family. Number 87 has been looking forward to setting the New England record for touchdown receptions for a while.

His family possibly loved it more than he did.

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