Rob Manfred Got Into It With Dan Le Batard About The Marlins Trading Away Giancarlo Stanton

12.20.17 2 years ago

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The Miami Marlins are a mess, and everyone in South Florida is blaming Derek Jeter for buying the team and promptly reverting to Jeffery Loria nonsense. This is despite the fact that Loria, the guy who routinely blew up the Marlins to turn a buck after successful World Series, had already cashed out once and for all.

Things got tense at a Marlins season ticket holder meeting on Tuesday when Marlins Man and other fans ranted at the former Yankees shortstop for trading slugger Giancarlo Stanton to New York in a blatant effort to shed payroll at the cost of one of its superstars. But it’s not just hyper-visible Marlins fans that are upset about the Stanton trade or the other moves the team has made this offseason.

There’s speculation that others knew the team would be shedding payroll, even before Jeter’s ownership group took over. And that talk set the stage for an uncomfortably tense interview between Miami-based ESPN employee Dan Le Batard and Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, who joined Le Batard’s radio program on Wednesday and had a fiery back-and-forth with the host.

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