Check Out The Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial Featuring Ronda Rousey, Amy Schumer, and Seth Rogen

Associate Editor

We’ve known for a weeks that Ronda Rousey was going to team up with Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for one of Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercials. We had already gotten a preview commercial that starred Schumer and Rogen getting ready for “The Bud Light Party,” but it was assumed that the main ad featuring Rousey was going to stay under wraps until it made its debut during the game.

Bud Light decided that it couldn’t wait until its allocated 30 seconds of airtime on Sunday night to show off its biggest commercial of the year. It decided to post the video right to its YouTube page, and we finally know what Rousey has to do with Schumer and Rogen. It turns out that she’s acting as their security detail for the party they’re attending, and in typical Ronda fashion, she means business. She won’t let anyone in the commercial ask any questions, which seems like a policy that she just has for the “media.”

However, when Rogan decides to ask the biggest question that everyone has for Rousey – when we’re going to see her get back into the octagon – she puts him in a headlock and really drives the whole “no questions” thing home. Bud Light usually has a few commercials that air on Super Bowl Sunday, so while we’ll see this one during the game, there’s definitely a chance that this isn’t the only time that we’ll see the Rousey/Schumer/Rogen trio during a commercial break.

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