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This is the newly-wed Rene Thompson of Louisville, Kentucky. She and her husband, Bruce, were married in Jamaica, and then the romance really started…with the first day of turkey season in East Tennessee.

After getting off the plane from Jamaica in Atlanta the couple didn’t even take the time to knock the sand from their shoes. They got in their car – where they had stashed guns, calls and camo – and drove to AEDC Wildlife Management Area. They slept in the car, then at daylight started hunting.

It wasn’t long before Bruce got a turkey to gobble. They put a decoy out and about 10 minutes after that Rene had a 17-pound jake with a 4-inch beard on the ground.

“Bruce would call and it would gobble and to be able to experience that was great,” she said.

What is it about women with guns that makes me want to run for my life? It’s bad enough that we let them drive and vote, amirite? I wonder what Bruce does to get himself a little personal guy time. Maybe goes to the mall with all his girlfriends and complain about how all his wife does is hunt. Guys don’t realize how good they have it sometimes. Especially when firearms are involved.

|Knoxville News Sentinel|

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