07.15.09 10 years ago 16 Comments

Hey y’all.  Matt from Warming Glow here.  You may remember me from such sites as the one you are currently reading.  Just wanted to let you know that With Leather’s gonna have weekend coverage starting THIS VERY WEEKEND.  Holy crap!  Cancel everything!  You need to stay home and click “refresh” for hours on end.

Anyway, this weekend it’s gonna be PUNTE and me at the helm; in future weeks it will be just me or just PUNTE or another person or people.  Guest bloggers will include other people from your favorite sites, hungry college kids who will work for cheap, literate hobos, and acclaimed print writers.*  Salman Rushdie wanted to get in on the act, but I told that dick to swim upstream and f-ck himself and die.  Total ichthyological burn.

*there will be no acclaimed print writers

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