Skip Bayless Forgot To Switch To His Fake Account Before Praising Himself On Facebook

Things haven’t been going as Skip Bayless probably planned since he signed as a free agent with Fox Sports 1 earlier this year. The debate-embracing hot-takes-slinger extraordinaire signed with the struggling, would-be ESPN rival for athlete money with the hopes that he would bring his loyal First Take viewers with him and help bolster the ratings of the network’s other underwhelming shouting shows, like Jason Whitlock and Colin Cowherd are Grumpy and Clay Travis’s Guide to Being an Alpha Male.

While ratings have improved since the debut of Undisputed, and the show is also doing better than anything FS1 previously aired in its time slot, he still isn’t really earning his paycheck. Bayless was supposed to bring a built-in audience with him, hence the obscene salary, but Fox still seems optimistic that Bayless will win the opinionated war. In the meantime, everyone from the interns to Bayless himself must keep doing what needs to be done to make people tune in.

Apparently, that includes Bayless praising himself in the Facebook comments.

This reportedly occurred during a Facebook live stream on Sunday night, as Bayless was fluffing his beloved Dallas Cowboys before their eventual win over Tampa Bay. As Complex points out, Ollie Connolly’s screen grab of the comment raised eyebrows because of the 1.4K likes, as people have long trolled Bayless with “1.4” replies on Twitter because of his previous claim that he was a high school basketball star. (Turns out he only averaged 1.4 points per game in his “star” career, but he was still important!)

But Connolly swears it’s real, and Dylan Goodin, the person featured in the comments on that screen grab, is backing him up.

This is mostly just for our humor, because there’s no way Bayless will ever own up to this. At the very least he might blame an intern or maybe Shannon Sharpe. Hey, it would give them something to shout about for an hour or six.