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Only in England would a professional athlete decide to break for an early pint before his match is even complete.

That’s what Burnley midfielder Kevin McDonald did during the latest Manchester City match. The City was up 5-0 at halftime when McDonald got replaced, so he did what anybody would do in that situation — he went to the pub.

McDonald had friends and family in town from Carnoustie, Scotland, and when he got replaced, he decided to hit up the 110 Club, a brisk five minute walk from the stadium, to watch the second half … of his own game.

He has obviously been punished by his club with a fine and a forced apology.

McDonald said in his apology: “I now realize it was naive, disrespectful and totally wrong of me to leave the ground at halftime on Saturday. It was a gross misjudgement and instead I should have remained at Turf Moor to support my club and teammates.

“I acknowledge that I also showed a serious lack of respect to all the fans who were at the ground and who pay good money to watch their team play. I would like to apologize to the players, management and supporters and I have accepted my punishment.” — Yahoo! Sports

This guy is apologizing? This is the best thing to happen in sports since Bobby Valentine got ejected and then came back in the dugout with a cheap mustache and sunglasses on. Leave a mauling of a soccer game to hit up a bar with some friends? Could you imagine if Sasha Vujacic had some friends in Los Angeles from Slovania, so just up and left after the third quarter to hit up the ESPN Zone?

The bottom line is, sometimes you want to just sit back, relax, and have a cold one while watching sports. I just hope he at least changed into a clean jersey before he walked in the 110 Club. You don’t want people thinking you aren’t professional.

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