Stephen A. Smith Finally Got In On The ‘Old Town Road’ Memes


The internet is still buzzing over the remix of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” featuring a guest spot by Billy Ray Cyrus. After the song’s controversial removal from the Billboard country charts, the “Achy Breaky Heart” singer hopped on the remix, expressed that he found it “so obvious” that it was a country song, and gave us a smash hit.

A fun development with the “Old Town Road” remix is how it’s blessed timelines with wave upon wave of memes. Seemingly everyone has gotten in on the fun, especially in the world of sports. Among that last group has been a delightful subsection of memes: the Stephen A. Smith/Lil Nas X crossover.

At a few points throughout his career at ESPN, Smith has rocked a cowboy hat. This led to a bunch of “Old Town Road” memes that center around Smith in said hat.

Smith eventually decided to get in on the fun with a TikTok video of himself set to the track.

If you follow Lil Nas X on Twitter, you know that he’s had a ton of fun watching his song blow up, and rightly so, because it rules. So when he saw that Stephen A. Smith got in on the fun, he was overjoyed.

Every once in a while, something blows up on social media and it can get to be a bit much. So far, however, “Old Town Road” memes, especially the ones with Smith, are batting 1.000.

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