08.01.08 10 years ago 11 Comments

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is just a little guy out there on the field with big, bad bruisers.  But that doesn't keep the All-Pro from punching his teammates in the face.  Today's training camp victim: cornerback Ken Lucas.

According to one witness, the two were arguing about a play that happened previously at camp and Smith slugged Lucas. A scuffle ensued and punches were thrown as teammates and coach John Fox charged in to break up the fight… Lucas was then taken under the tent at the practice field and treated by trainer Ryan Vermillion. His face was bloodied and he appeared to have a large gash under his left eye. He held ice on the eye for several minutes.

After the fight Smith seemed remorseful and distraught, exchanging a quick hug with Lucas before being escorted out of practice.  This is now the second time Smith has beaten up a teammate: in 2002, he punched fellow receiver Anthony Bright in the film room.  Wow, six years between incidents.  Someone has to stop this habit before it spirals out of control.


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