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I don’t ask you people for much, only that you tolerate my love for pandas and offer the occasional indulgence when the situation dictates, such as now. For today only, you can cast a vote that will send me to Vegas for a charity poker tournament that’s being aptly called “The Trash Talk Championship of the World.” Go here and vote, or follow the jump for more info about the tournament.

So any of you that know Dan Levy of On The DL podcasting fame might have picked up on his plans to participate and promote Trash Talk Championship of the World, a charity event benefiting the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program. Anyway, he can take one other person with him, and instead of taking his pregnant wife or someone actually worthy, he’s decided to pit me and another fellow podcaster against each other in a Massachusetts-style special election. I hope I’m not the broad in that scenario.

From the release, posted on Levy’s site.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is challenging poker players to put their money where their mouth is during Super Bowl weekend. On Saturday, February 6th, Sin City’s premier party property will host a $1,000 +$70 no-limit hold’em tournament benefiting the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the supported charity of modern artist Michael Godard, who has dedicated himself to philanthropic causes through his art.

Half of the prize pool will go to charity. The other half will be distributed to winners. The Trash Talk Champion of the World will win cash, a 20 pound custom designed crystal trophy, and a World Poker Tour Celebrity Invitational seat in Los Angeles sponsored by Commerce Casino and

Oh, and Mehki Pfifer’s going to be there! Among others. So vote your conscience. And by “your conscience,” I mean “for me.” Thanks for your indulgence.

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