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In addition to wreaking lasting and potentially crippling injuries, an NFL game or intense practice can make a participant lose about a half inch of height from the pounding coupled with the heavy equipment adorning them, according to a study reported by CBS News (via SbB). It's only temporary, of course, lest Jerry Rice now measure about about a foot and a half tall. That would make him difficult to film on Dancing With The Stars.

Researchers report that repetitive blocking and tackling — coupled with the weight of helmets and pads – can temporarily shave nearly half an inch off of players' heights.

They studied 10 high school football players — lineman, defensive tackles, and others whose positions involved repetitive blocking and tackling. The average height of players before the game was 69.5 inches. Afterward, it was 69.2 inches.

Sounds grueling. Except when you consider marathon runners can temporarily lose nearly a full inch from the constant pounding. Who's the tough guy now? You guys called the track team wussies when you dunked their faces in the toilet. But they suffered just as much as you! Just wait until the runners carb load. They're gonna be pissed. And they can nipple bleed on you.

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