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Terrell Owens Apologizes

I hate to direct profane language at anyone that doesn’t deserve it, but when I heard David Lloyd on SportsCenter today refer to Terrell Owens as “a sympathetic figure” after Joanna Krupa put him in his place on some reality show, I about lost my damn mind. The comment reeked of favoritism, and reminded me of ESPN’s history of playing favorites with certain athletes while lavishly heaping scorn on others. Whatever. They’re ESPN; they can do what they want. And they do.

I only bring that up because our new friend Joselyn over at Tosh.0 sent us this yet-to-be-aired mock presser featuring Terrell Owens apologizing for the ills of the world. And yeah, it’s kinda cute, and certainly an above-average TV performance for an athlete. But being a dick for seven years and then actually half-acknowledging it on a comedy show does not sympathy make. But if Kobe Bryant did a bit getting fresh with one of those inflatable dolls in front of a ski chalet backdrop, I might have to reconsider that stance. But not before.

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