Report: The Texans ‘Really Want’ To Hire Josh McCown As Head Coach But Hope Someone Else Interviews Him To Make Him Seem ‘Legitimate’

The Houston Texans are in the market for a new head coach after the team decided to fire David Culley after one year. Since they’re not exactly a franchise known for doing things conventionally — ex: they hired a guy and then fired him after one year — reports indicate that the Texans have given a pair of interviews to longtime journeyman quarterback Josh McCown.

It would be a pretty sizable risk for the franchise. McCown, who is 42, was on the roster in 2020 and interviewed for the job prior to Culley getting hired, but he has no coaching experience in college or high school. Despite that, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reports that the scuttlebutt around the league is that the Texans “really want” to make him their head coach.

The catch: They don’t want to be the only team that is interested in him. Per Florio, the hope in Houston is that someone else will talk to McCown with the hopes of legitimizing their interest.

The Texans apparently know they need more than a supportive tweet from one of G.M. Nick Caserio’s reporter-friends. They believe they need, as we hear it, another team to interview McCown in order to legitimate and normalize the notion of McCown going straight to the job of head coach, despite having no experience coaching college or pro football, in any capacity.

While it’s totally plausible that McCown would be a good head coach, having concerns over whether or not your decision will be viewed as legitimate is a pretty good sign that your process is not good.