02.23.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

You’d think in that today’s age of “elightenment” that I keep hearing about that we, in the year 2010, would be above making cheap jokes about two guys from Austria in skin-tight suits stacked up on a sled. And you would be wrong.

This is Andreas Linger and Wolfgang Linger of Austria, the Linger brothers, getting ready for another slide down the chute. We have so many Olympians now that we’re just stacking them on top of each other. Supposedly in doubles luge, the bigger guy goes on top, just like in prison. And then…I don’t know, the bottom guy washes the suits?

But to be fair, this is probably like chopping wood compared to whatever it is they do in Austria. It’s just like a big rave over there. I understand that after they check your passport they hand you glowsticks and mesh dungarees. Austria finished first and second, by the way, with the Lingers taking the gold. Fabulous.

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