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This story's a couple days old, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't note that a prostitution and child exploitation sting during the MLB All-Star festivities in San Francisco resulted in 131 arrests.

Oakland police spokesman Roland Holmgren said the sting was conducted because "a significant number" of Oakland-based prostitutes ply their trade at high profile events such as baseball all-star games, pro football's Super Bowl and the Hot August Nights festivities in Reno every summer…

Nola Brantley, the director of the Sexually and Commercially Exploited Youth program in Oakland, said child prostitution has become "an epidemic" in the city, partly because many foster care and group homes are located there and pimps recruit girls at such facilities. "Oakland is a hub for commercial sex exploitation," Brantley said.

That's preposterous.  The preferred term is sexploitation, and I refuse to let pimps have all the credit when I sit here all day, slaving away to ruin young women's lives by giving them unwanted attention.  I'm the real villain, dammit.

(Hat tip: The Big Lead. Background on 289's photoshop here.  More disturbing tranny hooker photo here.) 

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