10.01.07 11 years ago 27 Comments

Even through all my cynicism and sarcasm — or, as I call it, TELLIN IT LIKE IT IS — I have to admit that I enjoyed the last couple days of baseball.  And as bad as I feel for the Mets, who played like ass down the stretch for two and a half weeks to seal their collapse, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the towel-waving crowd in Philly this weekend.  So, congratulations to the NL East champion Phillies.

Kudos also go to the Rockies, who (as noted by KD) will host the Padres in tonight's play-in for the playoffs.  The Rockies, of course, are the NL wrecking balls that have now won 13 out of 14.  Unless you're a die-hard Padres fan or you really hate mountains, it's impossible to cheer against Colorado tonight.  I'd wager that any casual fans pulling for San Diego probably masturbate while strangling kittens.

Anyway, the point is, hooray for the season being over.  Stats leaders can be found here while you wait for Angels-Red Sox, Cubs-D-Backs, Yankees-Indians, and Phillies-MYSTERY TEAM to begin.  Indians, Phillies, and Cubs fans can argue about the most painful team history in the comments.

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