01.12.07 11 years ago 6 Comments

If there's one email and comment I keep getting again and again, it's people begging me for more soccer coverage. And I'm here to satisfy… which, strangely, is the exact same thing I told that woman with the Adam's apple in order to repay my gambling debt to the mob.

Anyway, don't worry, this isn't a real soccer video. It's pissed-off Russian hooligans throwing flares and ripping out stadium seats and throwing them at people… and it's all set to angry punk music. It's pretty fucking sweet (watch for the dude on the right getting jacked by a chair at 1:22).

Whew, and they thought Pretzel Night in Springfield went badly.

Anyway, if you like Russian soccer hooligans fucking each other up, then I've got another special something for you after the jump. (Hint: Braveheart-style fighting set to Carmina Burana. It's worth your time.) 

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