08.13.07 11 years ago 17 Comments

As everyone has already told you by now, Tiger Woods won the PGA Championship yesterday, his 13th career victory in a major.  Personally, 13 doesn't sound like all that many — I mean, there are four majors every year — but apparently only Jack Somebody has more.  Who knew?

An overriding theme of Tiger's win at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma was the players' ability to deal with the intensity of the heat.  "Oh, it's so amazing that these ATHLETES can GOLF in the HEAT.  We had no idea it would be HOT when we planned a golf tournament in OKLAHOMA in AUGUST."  And everyone who talks about how awesome it is that golfers were able to play golf during the summer heat for thousands or millions of dollars is totally right: I mean, they weren't even allowed to wear shorts.  Fuck, man.

In other news, thousands of soldiers and Marines woke up in Baghdad today for the 47th consecutive day of 110+ degree heat.  Then they put on their body armor, helmets, and 40 pounds of gear each and went on patrol in a Humvee without air conditioning.  When asked to comment, they said that the extra $150 a month for combat pay made it all worthwhile.

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